Mark Klein  -  08/03/2021

Excellent binoculars for birdwatching. Fair price and exceptional quality, very bright and clear optics, with a good field of view for their size and magnification.

Joseph L  -  09/02/2021

You would be hard pressed to find better roof prism binoculars at this price. I think these are the ideal solution for any outdoorsman, especially the small game hunter or novice-to-intermediate bird watcher. 8x zoom is perfect for those applications, and the fairly generous 42mm lens provides for a bright, clear image. The quality of these binoculars really surprised me considering how affordable they are. They are well build, feel sturdy, and the fit and finish are excellent. The magnesium body gives you extra feel of quality and luxury, other binoculars within this price level will have a polycarbonate plastic body. The focus knob is large and easy to use. The adjustable eye-relief works well and doesn't slip, and the right eye focus adjustment is nice and tight as well so it doesn't move when you don't want it to. These are also nitrogen filled and waterproof, so they really check all the boxes of features you want to see here. If you need some magnification for your outdoor adventures and don't want to break the bank, this is where to start.

Scott  -  07/01/2021

My wife bought these for me as a Christmas gift. Lovely surprise. As we live by the ocean they get used quite often each day. They have a very clear view and are a nice weight.

Roger Robertson  -  04/01/2021

Must say these are great birding binoculars at a reasonable price. Very good clarity. Look very well made and sturdy, but time will tell. Gotta be Happy with this purchase.

Bryan  -  30/12/2020

We own several pairs of binoculars, some more expensive than this pair. This is by far the best pair we've owned. Excellent optics and very comfortable design and weight. If you're looking for a premium birding binoculars, these will not disappoint.