About Us

Located in Kunming, Yunnan Province - the birthplace of China's optics industry, Yozaa Optics focuses herself in the designing, engineering and creation of high performance optical equipment, including but not limited to binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes, dedicatedly for outdoor sports like birdwatching, sailing, hiking, stargazing and more...

Founded by a team of experts in both optics and outdoor sports, Yozaa Optics has been cultivating in the optics industry since its establishment in 2009, formerly doing OEM/ODM for some major brands inside and outside China. 11 years later, In the end of 2020, we are reinventing ourselves. We launched our own brand and website yozaa-optics.com, to delivery our high performance products and expertises directly to customers with the best cost-performance ratio.

With decades of experience in optics and outdoor adventures, Yozaa is dedicated to creating game-changing gear that empowers enthusiasts to explore the great outdoors. By putting our knowledge of adventurers' needs at the forefront of our innovation, we strive to inspire people every day to pursue their passions without limitations.

We believe that quality, adaptability, and relationships are the key ingredients for any successful outing, so Yozaa focuses on the fundamentals – clean, simple designs with the very best modern materials and technologies – to create gears with no compromise in quality, and no compromise in performance.

Let's conquer new frontiers together with Yozaa!